– Quarantine laboratory
– Biological safety cabinets
– Thermostats
– Autoclave
– Bensnen burners




Plant Cultures

In vitro phytotrons
– Soil phytotrons
– Infection phytotrons
– BIOhazard safety chambers with laminar air flow

Molecular diagnostics

– Biorad gel visualization system
– Apparatus  for electrophoretic separation
– Thermocycler

General laboratory equipment

– Scales (calibrated)
– Homogenizers
– Centrifuges
– Thermostat
– Water distillation system
– Vortex shakers
– Thermohygrometers
– Refrigerators
– Freezers
– Autoclave
– Pipettes (calibrated)

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, it is possible to order analyses requiring the devices possessed by the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk.

We also collaborate with the Laboratory of Spectro-chemical Microanalysis from the Faculty of Chemistry Wroclaw University of Science and Technology headed by Professor Paweł Pohl, equipped with the following devices:

Atomic absorption spectrometer contrAA 700 (Analytik Jena AG) with a continuous source of radiation, enabling work in flame technology (FAAS) and flameless with graphite cuvette (GFAAS)
FAAS atomic absorption spectrometer (Perkin Elmer), model 1100B
Optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma ICP OES (Agilent), model 720
Sequential ICP-OES emission spectrometer (Jobin Yvon), model 38S with the IMAGE quick registration system
Mass spectrometer with inductive coupled plasma 7500ce (Agilent) with collision chamber
Two-beam spectrometer UV-VIS Specord 210 Plus (Analytic Jena AG)
X-ray powder diffractometer (PHILIPS X-Pert)
Flow coulometer (Istran), model EcaFlow 150 GLP
Sequential monochromators (JY TRIAX 320) or simultaneous monochromators (Shamrock 500i, ANDOR)
Microwave mineralizers Milestone, MLS-1200 Mega model
DigiPREP Jr. and MINI Mineralizers (SCP SCIENCE)
Cryogenic mill / pulverizer (SPEX SamplePrep)
Lyophilizer Alpha 1-2 LD plus (Martin Christ)
Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 (Fritsch)
METLER TOLEDO moisture analyzer, model HE73 (RADWAG, METLER TOLEDO)
Ultrasonic washers: Sonic-14 and Sonic-22 (Polsonic) and JP Selecta, model UltrasonsH (Spain)
Shaking water baths (Elpin Plus), model 357
Laboratory centrifuge MPW (MPW Med. Instruments), model 350