Analytic services

The offer:

 Evaluation of antibacterial and antiviral properties of commercial products

 Assessment of effecy of sterilization methods

 Drug susceptibility testing

Qualitative and quantitative analyses based on GC-MS

Validation of the research methods

Development of research and analytical methods, adaptation of procedures to the needs of controlling industrial processes

Comparative analyzes of research/diagnostic methodologies

 Isolation of nucleic acids from bacteria; also phytopathogenic bacteria and quarantine microorganisms. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of purified DNA and diagnostics of this material


In collaboration with Wroclaw Univeristy of Science and Technology:

Spectrochemical analyses (by ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FAAS and GFAAS methods) of samples and materials originating from various matrices (e.g. food, beverages, environmental and biological samples, metallurgical and geological samples) regarding total content of macro- and microelements, trace elements and their fractional and speciational forms

Development and validation of analytical methods that enable determination of total elements content and selected physicochemical forms or fractions (mobile, toxic, bioavailable, bioavailable) by: wet decomposition in open and closed systems supported with microwave energy, extraction to the solid phase (fractionation due to charge and hydrophobicity), membrane filtration (fractionation due to size and shape), enzymatic decomposition simulating gastrointestinal digestion (absorption, bioavailability)